Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Andre and Ariana experience in Guatemala

Andre and Ariana were so excited when we told them they were going on a trip to Guatemala! Our two little ones were so happy for them and didn't give us a hard time about it. They waited for "the day" so patiently, and finally the day came!
At the Seattle Int. Airport - May 24th
Waiting for a flight

Waiting in Dallas we met a family from Alaska that were going to Guatemala too.
She put some fake nail on Ariana.
An amazing sunset. Flying from Dallas to Guatemala
First day in Guatemala, the kids practice riding on the skate boards.
Oh yea! They got a soda in a plastic bag!
Having fun with their cousin Pamela.
Had pizza for dinner.
My sister Evelyn and her husband Hugo at Pizza Grizzly
This is my favorite nephew, Joaquin who likes to hug and kiss.
Kaminal Juyu - somes ruins close to my sister's house.

This is used by some Catholics for decorations.
Karate Kid!

Walking around the Craft Market.
Lake Amatitlan - I took the kids on a boat ride.
View of some of the houses around the lake.
The lake water is nasty green!
Buying candy typical from this town.
Weather in Guatemala was hot and the kids were asking to go swimming. After the lake my mom and I took them to some pools at Santa Teresita in Amatitlan.
View of the Spa from the very top.
View of Amatitlan town.

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