Friday, March 20, 2009


We like to call Isabelle "Issy". She is always into something so, we have to increase it to "Issy-busy". Last week I was getting Ariana ready for school and she asked me to straighten her hair. We went to the bathroom and I started doing her hair. While we were in the bathroom, Naomi and Isabelle were playing in Andre's room. Isabelle found some of the army toys and a "skin camo kit". She opened it and probably thought "mmm... make up!" so she decided to put it all over her face. Of course, Naomi did not stop her (like most of the time). I was distracted with Ariana for about 20 minutes. When we were done I found Isabelle looking like this:

When I saw her I said "Naomi! why did you let her do it?", she said "I didn't see her!" (not true). Anyway, I thought "it's for kids so it should be easy to take it off." I took her to the sink and washed her face with soap and water. After that she looked kind of scary (she reminded me "The Bride of Chucky")

It didn't work very well, so I applied some of my make up remover and wiped it off, but it was still there:

I had to use more make up remover and finally she looked clean, except her eyes. She looked like she had eye liner. I didn't mind it, because she looked cute.

These are my pretty girls that day.

A couple of days later, I was in the kitchen making dinner. The kids were in the living room playing and watching TV. All of a sudden I heard Andre saying: "Issy, what did you do?" so, he ran to the kitchen and showed me his empty container of hair-putty. Isabelle put it all over her head. I had to gave her a bath to get rid of the gunk, her hair did smell good though.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wreck Dives

Jeremy has been diving a lot of wrecks lately. He takes pictures all the time so I made a slide show with some of those beautiful pictures.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What an awful week!

Exactly two weeks ago Ariana got seek with a "stomach flu" (throwing up, fever and diarrhea). She had to miss school for one day and then she was perfectly healthy by Friday. Well, two days after that, Isabelle started with the same symptoms. My poor little girl got very sick. The day after that, Andre, Naomi and Jeremy got it! So, I had my whole family in bed. Andre and Naomi could not sleep for one whole night, just throwing up every 30 to 45 minutes. Isabelle had about 3 of those nights!... No fun...! She lost the pound and a half she gained in three months :o)

Fortunately I didn't get sick (I grew up around amebas, tape worms, etc. you name it, we have everything in Guatemala), I just felt exhausted and tired after a few days. By last Friday everybody was doing better and eating a little bit more. This week has been busy for me trying to get my house in order again. Now the kids got their energy back and they are doing their normal routing. Jeremy is feeling great and planning his dive weekend.

Ariana and Andre just started to participate in Track. They will have to practice every Wednesday after school. Today was their first practice and they had a lot of fun.