Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trip to Monterey, CA

About a year ago Jeremy had to go to a work conference in Monterey, CA. At the same time one of his best friends had to be in San Francisco for work too (what a coincidence). Anyway, that trip for work turned into a scuba diving trip with his scuba friends! Jer and 4 of his best buddies got together down there and had a fabulous experience diving in some of the best places in Monterey. They got a lot of pictures and I wanted to post some of the best that we have.

Hace un año Jeremy tuvo que ir a una conferencia de trabajo en Monterey, California. Al mismo tiempo uno de sus amigos tenía que estar en San Francisco la misma semana. Ese viaje se convirtió en un viaje de buceo. Jer y 4 de sus mejores amigos se juntaron allá y tuvieron una experiencia fabulosa buceando en algunos de los mejores lugares en Monterey. Ellos tomaron muchas fotos y yo quise poner algunas de las mejores que tenemos.

The scuba mob, (from back to front) Rob, Dusty, Chris, Jer and Todd.
Anemones Strawberry Anemones
Snail (my favorite)
It seems that Rob needed some help!
Leopard Shark
Jeremy at the middle of a reef
Cannery Point Pinnacles
Blue Rock Fish

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Swimming Time

Jeremy and I are trying to take the kids swimming about once a week. They love it! Isabelle loves being in her chairs, just hanging out with everybody. She sits and relax for 30 to 40 minutes until she gets cold and it's time for her to get out. . Naomi is not afraid of water anymore (she used to be when she was little). We didn't get any good pictures of Ariana, but she is doing really good in the water too. Andre is getting pretty good with the snorkel, as you can see in the video.
Jeremy y yo tratamos de llevar a los niños a nadar una vez por semana. A ellos les encanta. Isabelle le gusta estar sentada en su silla y pasar el rato con todos hasta que le da frio. Ella aguanta en el agua por unos 30 o 40 minutos. Naomi ya no le tiene miedo al agua (tenia miedo cuando era mas chiquita). No conseguimos ninguna foto para Ariana, pero a ella le va muy bien en la piscina ahora. Andre ha mejorado mucho su natacion y es muy bueno usando su snorkel, como pueden ver en el video.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Playing Outside!

Naomi has been asking for the last few weeks if they can go outside to play with water balloons. I have to explain to them that it's too cold out to be playing with water. They don't understand that even though the days are shiney and pretty it's not summer yet (not even close). Naomi ha estado preguntando por las ultimas semanas si pueden ir afuera a jugar con globos llenos de agua. Ellos no entienden que aunque los días estén soleados y bonitos aún no es verano (ni cerca).

A couple weekends ago Andre had some of his friends for a sleep over and the next day everybody decided to go out and play! They had a lot of fun running, playing games and and being boys. Hace unas semanas André invitó a un par de amigos a quedarse a dormir. Al siguiente día todos se fueron a jugar afuera. Ellos se divirtieron mucho corriendo, jugando juegos y siendo niños. Naomi played with her scooter just for a little bit because she fell down and after about 30 minutes of being out she got cold. Naomi jugó con su patineta solo por rato ya que se cayó y después de estar como media hora afuera le dió frío. Ariana rode her bicycle for the first time and she did it pretty good. Ariana montó su bicicleta por primera vez y lo hizo muy bien. Now, Isabelle wasn't sure about the whole thing of being outside! She sat on her trycicle and thought about it. Ahora, Isabelle no estaba segura de la gran cosa de estar afuera! Ella se sentó en su triciclo y meditó acerca del asunto.