Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A week of vacation!

Jeremy and I had our 10th Anniversary on February 19th! We planned to do something as a family and also as a couple. For our family trip we went to the Great Wolf Lodge. We didn't tell the kiddos that we were going though. We woke them up as usual on Monday last week and I already had back packs ready to go. They had no clue... we put them in the car and started driving. After about 10 minutes they started to wonder where we were going? We didn't say anything until we arrived to the hotel :o)
Jeremy y yo cumplimos 10 anos de casados el 19 de febrero. Nosotros planeamos hacer algo como familia y como pareja. Por nuestro viaje familiar fuimos al Great Wolf Lodge. No le dijimos nada a los chicos. Los desperté como siempre lo hago el lunes de la semana pasada y ya tenía todas las mochilas listas para salir. Ellos no tenían idea... los pusimos en la camioneta y empezamos a manejar. Después de 10 minutos ellos empezaron a preguntar a dónde ibamos? No dijimos nada hasta que llegamos al hotel :o)


One of our friends from church got a group rate for this place. It was fun having a lof of family friends around. André thought it was so cool that they skiped school for two days! Ariana likes school but she didn't mind missing a couple of days. Isabelle had sun glasses, her doggie and a huge back pack that she insisted in carry it by her self. It was as big as her :o)
Una amiga de la igleasi consiguió un precio de grupo para el lugar. Fue divertido tener muchas amigos al rededor. André pensó que estaba bien no ir a la escuela por dos días! Ariana le gusta ir a la escuela pero no le importó faltar un par de días. Isabelle tenía lentes obscuros, su perrito y una mochila tan grande como ella la cual insistió en cargar por sí sola :o)
Ready to find our room!
Ready for the Water Park!
The water park is awesome! It's indoors and the tempeture is about 85 degrees F. It is huge and had lots of slides for kids and adults. The kids played the first day from 2:00 PM until 7:30 PM non-stop.
El parque acuático es asombroso! Es bajo techo y la temperatura es de 85 grados F. Es enorme y tiene muchos toboganes para ninos y adultos. Los chicos jugaron el primer día de 2:00 PM hasta 7:30 PM sin parar.
It was recommended that kids use a life jacket while playing in the pools but Isabelle didn't like it and kept trying to take it off.
Era recomendado que los ninos usaron salvavidas cuando estaban jugando en las piscinas pero Isabelle no le gustaba y trató de quitárselo todo el tiempo.
Isabelle had to go to the bathroom so many times and I noticed that she needed to go when she did the potty dance! Look at her, trying to hold it and play at the same time.
Isabelle fue mucho al bano y me daba cuenta cuando apretaba las piernas como si estaba bailando. Mírenla, tratando de apretar y jugar al mismo tiempo. Jeremy, André and Ariana played together almost the entire time. They didn't want to stop even for food.This is the view from one of the slides.
After a long day playing in the water!
Naomi slept deep that night.
Isabelle didn't feel good in the morning :o( She threw up a few times. After resting a couple more hours she was ready to go back in the water.
Jeremy had to be one of the speaker in the 2010 West Region EMS Conference (mostly Fire Fighters). He talked about websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. He had a quite group of people but he did a great job presenting. The conference was held in Ocean Shores and we stayed at the Shilo Inn for two nights. It was a good get away without kids and we enjoyed our time together.
Jeremy tuvo que ser uno de los conferencistas en la Conferencia de Region del Oeste 2010 (bomberos). El habló acerca de sitios de internet, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. El grupo era muy callado pero él hizo un buen trabajo en su presentación. La conferencia fue en Ocean Shores y nos quedamos hospedados en Shilo Inn por dos noches. Fue una buena vacación sin los ninos y disfrutamos nuestro tiempo juntos.
The view from our room.
I thought it was funny to have a TV and a phone in the bathroom :o)
I don't think we look that young anymore but we got carded at the bar/lounge when we went to get our complementary soda :o(
No creo que ya no nos vemos tan jóvenes pero nos pidieron identificación cuando fuimos al restaurante/bar a pedir nuestra gaseosa de complemento :o(

Trip to the Seattle Temple & Pike Place Market

The kids had a winter break in the middle of February. They had 2 days off and one of them we took the kids to see the temple where Jer and I got married 10 years ago. After that we went to the Pike Place Market in Seattle. They had a lot of fun, specially Isabelle who decided to dance when she heard someone singing and playing a guitar.