Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunset at Redondo

We took the kids for a walk at Redondo Beach. It was a beautiful summer day in the afternoon.

I love my two little girls!
The love of my life (sigh)
Water is pretty cold but, kids don't really care :o)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Filming MultiCare Commercial

Jer's employer, MultiCare, is a health care organization that owns 4 hospitals and multiple clinics, including the Mary Bridge Hospital in Tacoma. They were looking for models for an upcoming commercial and Andre fit the bill (gotta love the boy's "diversity"). He was invited to the video shoot where he had his own wardrobe, make-up and Hair person, and about 20 crew and directors who were producing the commercial.

Andre was placed at a table in front of a massive green screen (like you see in movie production), and surrounded by lights and diffusers. There were cameras set up to catch his every move. Only the art directors sat out front with him. Everyone else was hidden behind the screens watching the shoot on the monitors. Andre just had to play games the whole time. For an hour and a half they made jokes to him while he played with remote control cars, blew bubbles, etc.

When they finally got the perfect shot they used it at the end of their new commercial. It is airing all over the Seattle/Tacoma region. Here's the final product: