Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Visiting our Friends in Idaho

After Yellowstone we drove to visit our friends in Rexburg, ID. We were so excited to be able to stay with them for a few days. This is a picture of the Temple in Rexburg. 

Rexburg Temple
The boys went camping for a couple of days and took the older kids with them. 
Elizabeth & Andre Shooting
Elizabeth & Andre
Andre riding the four wheeler
While the boys were gone and having fun camping, Alynn and I took the kids to the park. My girls and I were the only dark people in the entire town! :o)

Naomi being goofy

Beautiful Caroline

Isy & Louis

 We also went to play with the seadoos... which was a lot of fun!

They had fun in the water!

Another place that we visited was the Sand Dunes!

Oh! and that wasn't all...  

Kids ... and Todd

Feeding the pigs was a great experience for our children!
Playing dress up!


We had a wonderful vacation with our dear friends. We love and miss you!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yellowstone Summer 2011: Part 1

Well, time got away from us and we realized we never posted about our summer trip to Yellowstone. Simply put, it was fantastic. We loaded up the car and headed for the two day trip to our lodge. We let the kids watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy to pass the time. We stayed in a little place right outside the park and headed in each day to explore a different section of Yellowstone. The park is amazingly huge and it truly takes several days to enjoy it all. Here are some pictures and highlights of the trip:

 Hey! Respect the National Park...What's wrong with you?! Oh, its Omi... never mind.

This was a sad chapter in our trip. Our poor Isy got strep throat. It hurt and she was running a high temperature. We had to take a trip to the Yellowstone medical clinic and pay way-too-much for some antibiotics. But at least she got better.

 We found a cool local swimming hole where the hot springs pour into the river. the springs are scalding hot and the river is ice-cold. This little pool is where they mix together so you can choose your temperature based on how close you get to the hot-spring run-off. This was one of the kids favorite activities during this trip.

Yellowstone Summer 2011: Part 2

Now that we got the cheesy family pics out of the way, take a look at how beautiful this park is: