Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pheasant hunting

Pheasant hunting in Eastern Washington has been a tradition in Jeremy’s family for 4 generations, as of now. The men decided it was time to introduce Andre to the hunt and took him and a friend on a hunting weekend. It was 26° out (only 15° at night!) but the boys hardly noticed. They spent a couple weekends hiking through brush and fields, watching the dogs hunt, and staying prepared for whatever pheasant or quail might take flight.

Andre was less discriminating. 20 songbirds met their fate to Andre and his .410 shotgun. Regardless of the success of the guys, he thought the hunting was great!
Here'a a photo of a couple of the pheasant that the guys were hunting
These were shot by the guy who invited the boys over and Jeremy and Andre brought them home and cleaned them up. Yum!