Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Little Cookie Snores Like a Lion

We were visiting with some friends at their home a few days ago when we noticed they were calling our little Isabelle "Cookie". Apparently, Naomi told them that was her nickname several days earlier so they all call her that now. Anyway, they have a 3 year old little child that Isabelle likes to pick on. She is tougher (and meaner) than him, so he cries every time she gets close to him. So now we are trying to decide if she is a Sugar Cookie or a Lemon Cookie. What do you think?

The other day while working in the computer she felt asleep in my arms and started to make a loud noise... is that snoring? Yes, "Cookie" snores every time she goes to sleep.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ariana's 6th Birthday

Ariana had a fun birthday party. She had some of her friends over to play, do crafts, eat and open presents. Before everybody showed up she told me that birthdays were not just about cake and presents... so I asked her "what is it about then?" she said: "it is about growing up to be with Heavenly Father some day". I think she has the right answer.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!


We went to Issaquah for Christmas Eve. It took us 20 more than normal minutes to get there because low visibility on the road due to the snow. It was so hard to see the road that we passed our exit...twice! But, finely we got there safe.

Nosotros fuimos a Issaquah para la Noche Buena. Nos llevó 20 minutos más de lo normal llegar ya que había poca visibilidad por la nieve. Era tan difícil manejar y ver la carretera que perdimos la salida dos veces. Pero al final llegamos a nuestro destino.
It was a really nice and delicious dinner that Grandma Kay prepared for the family. The kids were so excited to open the presents, so they were playing and waiting close to the Christmas tree for a long time. We had a great time at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house visiting with everybody.

La abuelita Kay preparó una cena muy deliciosa para la familia. Los niños estaban tan emocionados de abrir los regalos así que estuvieron jugando cerca del árbol por mucho tiempo. La pasamos muy bien en la casa de los abuelitos visitando con todos.

Jeremy, Immer & Bill (Jer's dad)Bill, Grandpa Dave, Jer, uncle Gary, Dan, David and André Immer, Grandma Kay, Sarah (David's wife), Elizabeth (Sarah's sister), Antie Annie, Isabelle, Ariana and NaomiMy two little princesses


The kids couldn’t wait any longer to open their presents at home. Even though they went to bed late the night before, they got up early the next day. After that, we had breakfast, we stayed in pajamas and hung out the rest of the day.

Los niños no podían esperar más tiempo para abrir los regalos que teníamos en la casa. Aunque se fueron a dormir tarde la noche anterior, ellos se levantaron temprano el siguiente día. Después de los regalos, desayunamos, nos quedamos en pijamas y haraganeamos el resto del día.

The girls got a Dress Up Trunk with differents skirts, shirts and shoes. Isabelle went in the room and got changed.

Las niñas recibieron un baúl con vestidos de princesa. Isabelle fue al cuarto y se cambió.