Monday, December 6, 2010

I love being Home!

Every time I go back to Guatemala we get together to go places, to eat and just spend time as family. We went to out to a restaurant but I guess we didn't chose the best place to take this picture, it was dark and couldn't see what was behind us. Food was good though :o)
Evelyn, Vivi, Mom, Hugo, Me and Pamela
Joaquin, me and Pamela (niece and nephew)
That night Isy was kissing everyone!
She loves uncle Hugo!
Cousins Evelyn, Vivi and I
My dad took us out to lunch.
Vivi, me, Dad, Evelyn and Hector (my brother) One of my cousins graduated from college and we had the opportunity to be all together. All 4 are sisters. From left to right:
Vivi, Marcela, Veronica, Immer, Claudia & Sonia
My sisters are chickens :o) they didn't want to go on the slide!
We went bowling too!
We also went to El Mercado Central (Central Market). I bought instruments, purses, necklaces, etc. from him, so I thought... he deserves a pictures :o)
This is the part that Isy enjoyed to most this day: watching doves.

"Getting a Hair Cut"

We were in Guatemala for a little bit over 3 weeks. Isabelle and I relaxed, visited family & friends, went to museums, we went out to eat, shopping and also got a hair cut. Here's Isy getting her hair done:She was getting upset about something...but, she was fine... almost done!

Friday, December 3, 2010

"Trip to El Salvador"

During our second weekend in Guatemala, my mom, sister, Isy and I went to El Salvador. From Guatemala City to the border is only 2 hours and after that another 2 hours to the resort.
Bus Ride The name of this Resort is Royal Decameron Salinitas. It is a huge and beutiful place! It was all included... we ate, played, relaxed, enjoyed the shows and had a wonderful time!
This is what I call VACATION!
Isabelle had a great time playing in the sand... and then...
...she loved getting her self and Vivi cleaned up We played in the pool for hours and hours.Isabelle likes to pretend she is a model, well actually she is my little model :o)
All of us slept pretty good.
Me and my Mommy
Nice view from the room

Our last night in El Salvador