Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Adventure to the Zoo

Due to the rain in Guatemala during this time of the year we were not able to go far from the city but it wasn't hard to find places to visit within the city limits. A great outdoor activity with children was going to the Zoo La Aurora. It's a beautiful clean and nice place, big enough for children, nice walk paths and, lots of animals.
Yes, a camel.
Cute little parakeet.
Jeremy is so jealous of this banana tree.

The kids really wanted to try sugar cane but we were not able to get it... at least I got a picture of it :o)
This cow was so funny, it kept mooing and mooing like it wanted something. It came close to the kids, looked at them and then it went back to moo again, over and over.

Cute miniature cow.
I'm so just to see lots of children all the time but this group was special... lots of Guatemalan kids on a field trip at the Zoo. I had to have a picture of them.
On our trip to Yellowstone last Summer, we looked for a bear without any success of finding one. Isy really wanted to see one so I took a picture of this one specially for her.
Such a beautiful walk path.
Iguanas - we saw many of these in the wild.
Behind Ariana there is a white tiger.
Loved this piece of a jungle.
Guatemala's National Anthem has 12 stanzas. It is not easy to see  it but there are 12 glass plates with each stanza of the Anthem... beautiful.
Jeremy asked Andre to take many pictures... here he is, just like his dad, getting a nice close up of something!

I want one of this on my front patio.
This monkey was really tiny, my camera was zoomed all the way.
Don't know the name of the bird, but we loved the colors.
...and look at this one, great featherdo.
Ariana found something green on the ground, showed it to me and asked what it was, I said avocado and, when we looked up, we were under a big avocado tree! Really cool.
Kids are not showing a lot of excitement, they were getting tired at the end :o)

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