Thursday, April 22, 2010

Once upon a time...

In a little house in Auburn there was a little girl named Isabelle. She dreamed about Princesses and one day her dream came true. She turned 3 year-old on April 20th and had the best day ever!
Había una vez en una pequeña casa en Auburn una niñita llamada Isabelle. Ella soñaba acerca de princesas y un día su sueño se hizo realidad. Ella cumplió 3 años el 20 de abril y tuvo el mejor día de su vida.

Our sweet little girl is 3 now. The day of her birthday her siblings wanted to see her presents before they went to school. One of the presents was a beautiful pink dress that she put right away after she opened it. She also got some nail polish and high heel shoes that she loved. After she took a shower I made her hair pretty and she picked all the accessories she wanted to wear with her princess dress and of course everything was "pink". After lunch we took her for a walk around the Mall and let her get on some rides. The other kids asked to try the climbing wall. Every one except "me" and Isabelle did it (I'm to scared to do that). Naomi climbed about 4 feet when she was too scared to go higher and didn't want to do it anymore. Ariana, Andre and Jeremy got to the top to push the button.
Nuestra pequeña niña tiene 3 años ahora. El día de su cumpleaños sus hermanitos querían ver los regalos antes de ir a la escuela. Uno de los regalos fue un vestido rosado muy lindo que se lo puso al no más abrirlo. También le regalaron pintura de uñas y unos zapatos de tacón que le encantaron. Después de bañarse le arreglé su pelo y ella escogió los accesorios que quería usar con su vestido de princesa y por supuesto todo fue "rosado". Después de almuerzo la llevamos a caminar al Mall y la dejamos que subiera en unos juegos. Los otros niños quisieron subir una pared. Todos a excepción de Isabelle y yo lo hicieron. Naomi subió unos 4 pies y luego le dió miedo de seguir más alto. Ariana, Andre y Jeremy llegaron a lo más alto y tocaron el botón.

After the Mall we came home and play with a bubble machine. Eva and Molly came for a couple of hours and play with the girls. Our friend Linda came to see Isabelle too and brought balloons for her. We all sang the happy birthday song and ate cake.
Después del Mall llegamos a la casa y ellos jugaron con una máaquina de burbujas. Eva y Molly vinieron a jugar con las niñas. Nuestra amiga Linda vino a ver a Isabelle y le trajo unas globos. Todos le cantamos felíz cumpleaños y comimos pastel.

We love you little Belle and hope that you stay cute and little as much as possible.
Te queremos mucho Belle y esperamos que te quedes chula y chiquita lo mas que sea posible.

Isabelle disappeared for a while and this is what she was doing quietly in the bathroom:

Going to the Mall with Daddy

I love that smile of happiness!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our boy turned 9 today!

Andre had his 9th birthday today. I can't believe how fast the years have past... my little boy is not little any more. Last week his grandpa Bill took him fishing to Beaver Lake in Sammamish. He received a fishing pool and a tackle box as an advance present for his birthday. He caught 5 trout which we had for dinner the next day. He also received a 21-speed mountain bike with dual suspension that he loves. He has been riding it every day after school for the last week. He is learning about the different gears that he can use.

Today we took them to Lincoln Park in South Seattle. They liked going on the zip-line, looking for little crabs, throwing rocks, taking a walk, etc. Andre asked me to make steak for dinner and he made fruity pebbles treats instead of a cake (imagine rice-crispy treats but with fruity pebbles instead - Yumm!). He had a fun day and we are so happy that he is part of our family. We love you Andre!
Fishing with Grandpa Bill
Look at all the fish he caught!
He actually received more presents than this :o)

Andre making his fruity pebbles crispy treats.