Thursday, April 21, 2011

Clamming Day at Shine Tidelands

Last Tuesday was a very good day for clamming because the tide was on our side. We went to Shine Tidelands Stake Park with a lot of our friends. Some of them dug clams for the first time, some others already had done it in the past and a few just watched us digging. We had a blast and the children played the whole time. We were 11 adults and 10 children.

First, we need to decide where to start digging....

The children were so anxious to help...
I'm not sure Rob knew what he was doing :o)

We got about 320 steamers and cockles

Here is Des helping the boys to get horse clams, she had a blast!

They got about 50 of them!Digging for steamers is fun but McKay had the best luck finding the good spots so, Shirlee and I decided to join him. Baby Alice was amazing. She was on her mom's back the entire time and never complained. She is the best baby ever! These are a cute pictures of Isabelle.

Andre had a birthday the day before, Alice was having a birthday and Isabelle's was the next day and, Rachel was very sweet and thoughtful that made a cake for them. Thanks Rachel!

Cute girls!

Daughter-Daddy pics.

No one had a swimming suit but... that didn't matter. Even Rebecca was playing in the water with her pajamas on :o)

At home cleaning the clams.
Shirlee, Annette and I were preparing everything to make clam chowder and getting the clams ready to freeze. Team work!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break

The children had a week off from school for Spring Break. It has been raining and cold all this week but Jer and I wanted to take the kids out during the days I don't baby sit. One day we drove to Issaquah, bought two dozen doughnuts at Krispy Kreme and then went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to visit and have pizza for dinner. We watch dancing with the stars too... it was fun. The next day we took the kids to the beach, picked up shells and played with little baby crabs. After that we went to the Southcenter Mall and ate at this cool restaurant named "Rainforest Cafe". Los ninos tuvieron vacaciones de primavera por una semana. Ha estado lloviendo y con mucho frio toda esta semana pero Jer y yo queriamos sacar a los ninos en los dias que yo no cuido otros ninos. Un dia fuimos a Issaquah y compramos dos docenas de donas, fuimos a la casa de los abuelos y cenamos pizza. Tambien vimos un programa llamado, bailando con las estrellas..., fue divertido. El siguiente dia los llevamos a la playa, recojieron conchas y jugaron con cangrejitos. Despues fuimos al Mall y comimos en un lugar que se llama "Rainforest Cafe".
This place looks like a jungle and has monkeys all over the place... every few minutes they move and make noises. Isabelle thought they were real. It was fun for all of them and the food was great.

Este lugar es como una jungla y tiene monos en todo el rededor... cada cierto tiempo ellos se mueven y hacen ruido. Isabelle penso que eran de verdad. Fue divertido y la comida deliciosa.

Walking in the Mall we bought some cotton candy and had fun taking silly pictures.

Caminando en el Mall compramos algodon y tomamos algunas fotos.

Isabelle had so much fun ....and sugar!

Boys Projects

Andre likes Legos, he has a lot of them and he was in need of space to display the ones he has put together. Jer and him decided to make some shelves for his and the girls room. Andre le gusta jugar con Legos, el tiene muchos y necesitaba espacio para mostrar los que ha armado. Jer y el decidieron hacer estantes para su cuarto y el de las ninas.
The next day they made a gun rack to storage Jer's guns in our closet.

Al siguiente dia ellos hicieron un expositor para armas en nuestro armario.

Here are the shelves in Andre's room.
Shelves in the girls room.

Hosting a Baby Shower

In our church we like to do service for others. Sometimes we seek and find opportunities and some others we are asked to serve. One of our leaders at church called me and asked me to throw a baby shower for a sister that was expecting a baby. Even though it was her fourth child she was in need of everything for her new baby and I was happy to help. First, I started with invitations. I Came up with the idea by looking on the Internet and thinking about what I wanted to do. I made 50 invitations, one by one but, my lovely Jeremy was so kind to help me cutting. Every single one was different from each other. En la iglesia nos gusta ofrecer servicio y ayudar a otros. A veces buscamos las oportunidad y otras alguien nos pide que ayudemos. Una de las lideres de la iglesia me llamo y pidio que organizara un baby shower para una hermana que estaba embarazada. Aunque era su cuarto bebe ella necesitaba todo para su nueva bebita y yo estuve contenta de poder servirla. Primero, empece con las invitaciones. La idea vino de buscar en el internet y pensar lo que queria hacer. Hice 50 invitaciones una por una pero Jer me ayudo cortando. Cada una fue diferente de la otra.

After that, I wanted to make something special for her so, I learned how to make a diaper cake. I searched on YouTube and found a video that showed me how to make it. Went and bought everything I needed and made my own design.

Despues de estas yo quise hace algo especial para ella asi que aprendi como hacer un pastel de panales. Busque en youtube y encontre un video que me enseno como hacerlo. Fui a la tienda y compre todo lo necesario para hacer mi propio diseno.

Baby was born a couple weeks early so we had the opportunity to meet her on the shower. With the extra diapers I made this:

Here she is, Cherilynn and her daughter Francilya.

I'm glad she had a great time and received everything she needed for her new baby. Estoy contenta que ella la paso muy bien y recibio todo lo que necesitaba para su nueva bebe.