Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boys Projects

Andre likes Legos, he has a lot of them and he was in need of space to display the ones he has put together. Jer and him decided to make some shelves for his and the girls room. Andre le gusta jugar con Legos, el tiene muchos y necesitaba espacio para mostrar los que ha armado. Jer y el decidieron hacer estantes para su cuarto y el de las ninas.
The next day they made a gun rack to storage Jer's guns in our closet.

Al siguiente dia ellos hicieron un expositor para armas en nuestro armario.

Here are the shelves in Andre's room.
Shelves in the girls room.


{Alynn} said...

Andre is such a manly stud with the safety glasses on his head! Love how the shelves turned out!

Donnie and Christina said...

He is so creative! he is going to be an amazing young man!